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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 19, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and breaking development regarding the administration wide effort to cover up the truth about the benghazi terrorterror attack. letter today from darrell issa and jason chaffetz was delivered to the white house. ten-page document has comprehensive list of warning signs that this president either missed or flat-out ignored in the months leading up to the assassination of ambassador chrissteins and his three colleagues. now more importantly, a companying that -- accompanying that let rer 100 memos, horse, cable, e-mail sent by the ambassador and the security team alerting washington about the rise of radical extremism in libya. now today, we dug very deep in to each and every one of the haunting documents. we reached this conclusion. the four americans that were killed in that orchestrated terror attack on 9/11 knew they were in grave danger. they reported their concerns to government officials. and nothing was done to save
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them in addition to the release of this information it proves we have been lied to and lied to repeatedly by numerous members of this administration. including, well, the vice president himself. do you remember him this? >> they wanted more security there. >> we weren't told they wanted more security. we did not know they wanted more security. >> that is not so. requests for more security were sent and received by the state department. thanks to today's document dump we now have the proof. let's review the key findings. way back in december of 2011, under-secretary of state patrick kennedy signed off on a memo that extended america's presence in benghazi through 2012. he did so even though the memo stated, "because of budget constraints and the reduced footprint, diplomatic securities current presence consists of two special agents with an additional three slots currently unfilled. now the same document also reports that the compound
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itself is unsafe. the electrical, plumbing and physical security work needed to bring the facility to an acceptable standard would negate any cost savings of the move. june 2012 memo from tem bass dore himself is ominously titled libya's fragile security deteriorates, as tribal rivalries, power plays and extremism intensifies. then in august, presiden approxy one month before he was killedsteins personally e-mailed the state department writing, "what we have not seen are random crimes of opportunity but rather targeted an discriminant attacks." what was likely the last e-mail he would ever pen on september 11. stevens eerily warned at great length about the "growing problems" with the security situation in eastern libya. especially noting that the british withdrew their presence from benghazi after the widely reported june 11 rpg attack on the british
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ambassador's motorcade. now sadly, that was the final sentence of the final memo that the ambassador would ever send. even worse, everything you just heard was readily available to the president and his national security team. which makes their claims that the tragedy was in any way related to a youtube video. or was spontaneous that more disgusting. joining me now to talk about the letter he sent to the president and what he is demanding from the white house is congressman jason chaffetz. along with senator lindsey graham. gentlemen, welcome back to "hannity." >> thank you. >> we played what the vice president said. coupled with what the president said tonight on jon stewart, i'll play it for you. the question will be did they lie to the american people? watch what he said last night. >> every piece of information that we get, as we got it, we laid it out for the american people.
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>> congressman did the vice president and the president of the united states lie? >> i come to that conclusion, sean. >> look it what the president said and secretary clinton said and they have not been hon west the american people. intelligence community foreshadowed for months terrorism was abound, terrorism was happening. al-qaeda was flying flags. they come out after the attack and say we think it was a video? this is all classified intelligence. >> all right, now, senator graham. there are videos of all of this. that prove from day one, the intelligence knew it was not spontaneous. intelligence knew it was not related to this video. will -- did they lie in your opinion and should those tapes be released?
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>> the tapes should be released. they're either incredibly incompetent. they're stone walling us all. thank god for republican controlled house. do you think we'd know much of anything if it hadn't been for jason and darrell? they're not being forthcoming. have to drag it out of them. i have written a letter with senator mccain ten days ago asking the intelligence community to provide us the information you gave to secretary rice to make her believe this was the result of a riot five days later. haven't gotten one word back. >> sean: did they lie, senator? because here is -- we know the president 14 days later on "the view" before the united nations he was asked directly on "the view." was this terrorism? we don't know yet. well, the state department knew it was terrorism in real-time didn't they? >> right. they either -- they are either the most incompetent people in the world or they are misleading us. here is the question for me. what did the president know about the deteriorating situation in benghazi months before this happened?
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lieutenant colonel woods' testimony comes back and it haunts my soul. he said benghazi, it was inevitable we would get attacked. almost inevitable. we were the last flag flying. everybody left there. we are trying to normalize relationships with the government that has no capacity. i can't believe the white house would allow the president of the united states to go out and be among the public after our consulate was attacked june 6. blowing a hole in the wall that 40 people could have gotten through. i don't think anybody is that incompetent. i'm assuming that the president knew about the deteriorating situation to come back with al-qaeda. and did nothing about it. >> sean: we got proof of that. put it up on the screen here. in august 8, this is more than a month before, memo from stevens, call security forces understaffed and says it directly there. if you look at, he also warns in the same memo of islamic extremism rising. then we have an image of the consulate before it was
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attacked showing the security cameras, you know, were present. where is the footage in other words? >> our consulate was bombed twice. that was terrorism, we never called it terrorism then. they didn't follow through. where else in the world did that happen? on september 1, the interior minister, libyan interior minister puts eastern libya on high alert. the ambassador sends a cable back to washington, d.c. on september 4. says we are losing control out there. this guy walks in benghazi with two armed people and three other people on the compound. then we wonder that it was some video. it doesn't add up. >> so now we know that they were warned. they did nothing. now we know it was not spontaneous as they said from the beginning. they knew within hours in real-time the state department knew. >> we have video. >> we got video. they were watching it in real time. >> this woman testified. >> so the question is, why
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would the president two weeks later tell the american people we're still investigating? and keep apologizing for the video. keep telling everybody it's spontaneous. why? >> i think, i think governor romney should ask him that question. and if he doesn't, it's a missed opportunity. paul ryan did a great job. but you should turn to vice president biden when he said i didn't know anything about the security requests. he should ask him did you know that the consulate was bombed in april and june? did you know that the british had to leave benghazi? did you know that the red cross office was closed? did you know al-qaeda was coming back in droves? >> is there any reason why we can't show the video to the american people? is there anien? >> the president said in the hard-hitting interview with jon stewart as the investigation becomes available we share it with the american people. then mr. president, show us
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that video. >> yeah. >> what he said about, you know, well, four americans died. it's not optimal. we'll deal with that. but guys thank you very much. >> i hope governor romney will ask questions about what the president knew, when he knew it and what he did about it. >> sean: don't count on the media to do that job. thank you for being with us. we'll continue to follow up and demand that you the american people have a right to see the video. it's available. the entire thing is on tape. when we come back, we got karl rove, a new electoral map emerged. he will unfold that for us first. the president's choice of words. when it came to these benghazi attacks. becoming increasingly disturbing. he went on the "daily show" last night and called the death of four great americans, well, this is not optimal. how close. charles krauthammer reacts next. >> announcer: "hannity" is brought to you by -- with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> sean: as the benghazi coverup becomes increasingly more disturbing, so does the language the president continues to use describing the violence. called at it mere bump in the road. he continues to misspeak. listen to what he said on the "daily show" last night. >> i would say you would admit it was not the optimal response to the american people as far as us all being on the same page. >> here is whey i'll say. if four americans get killed it's not optimal. >> sean: that's cold. not optimal? the latest gaffe is not going
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unnoticed by the mother of the fallen ambassador and she says, "it's insensitive to say my son is not optimal. he is very dead. i've not been optimal since he died and the past few weeks have been pure hell." i hope monday's foreign policy debate will delve in the subject. the president owes this mother and the other families and the american people the truth. here with reaction and some advice for governor romney ahead of the debate, fox news contributor charles krauthammerism don't even know how to describe how cold, detached that statementsy. want your reaction, charles. >> i agree with you. i don't blame the mother for being deeply disturbed to have the throw-away line apply to death of her son and the service of her country. >> from romney's point of view, the reason i think he didn't win the debate, the second debate is he had this tremendous opening on the libya question.
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it was a hanging curveball and he missed it. obama said he was offended by the suggestion that he or anybody on his team had misled the country on libya. which, of course, is a complete falsehood. romney didn't get to swing and hit that this time. but he got the extraordinary luck that he has one more shot in this, in the third debate which will be about foreign policy. this is his real opportunity to make the point about presidential leadership. presidential honesty and candor. and the policy in the middle east symbolized by the libya debacle. >> sean: this is obvious. the intelligence community are angry. they are not telling the american people the truth. the state department was watching this in real time. we know five days after what
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happened with susan rice, we know what jay carney was saying and what the president was saying. 14 days after, asked a question: is it terrorism? when he was on "the view" with joey behar and he still couldn't say it was terrorism. the question is why they had to know why? why? >> they had two reasons to lie. the first reason was the fact that the september 11 attack occurred a week after they just spent four days in charlotte. dancing on the grave of bin laden. remember, this is their single foreign policy achievement. there is none other. look at iran and russia and israel, look at syria and the arab spring. it's all in collapse. they got one thing to argue and they argued it, where they made the point ellen degeneres. with that ridiculous slogan from vice president. bin laden dead, g.m. alive. because what libya said
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proclaiming to the world and the reason the attack was launched in the first place was to say bin laden dead, al-qaeda alive. that is what has happened as a result of leading from behind in libya. you've got, you know, al-qaeda has essentially bun of the jihadist factions taken over northern mahli. training camp throughout north africa. we know about the rise of the strength of the jihadist in syria where bin laden is again leading from behind. the second thing, i heard from this from libya colleagues. why would they be lying? wouldn't they know it would come out? no. you know what they did. they spent three days attacking mitt romney for a statement he issued the next day in which he denounced what the cairo embassy released,polot
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was made. so the media went ahead and spent three days ignoring the attack. ignoring the implications and concentrating always on that. so they think the media is in their pocket. the election is coming up. they have to run up the clock. they will be home free. that is what they thought. however, it was few and others and -- you and others and bret baier and fox that kept the story alive. because we kept finding out what really happened. now the main stream media had been shamed to covering it themselves. >> sean: neither spontaneous as they continue to claim for weeks. nor was it related to the movie trailer released in july. never made sense to me in the beginning, considering all of this was happening coincidently on the anniversary of 9/11. how do you assess. first, are you getting the, your inbox filled with things like i am? people suspect the worst of this president. i think if you will accuse
6:19 pm
somebody of murder or suggest it or say they are a tax cheat with no evidence or say that their plan is for dirty air and water. throwing granny over the cliff and all of these things, why do people suspect that there is going to be some action? sort of wag the dog. that is the only way the president they think can get out of this? are you getting the same comments from people i am? >> i'm not sure. perhaps i hang out with the wrong crowd. >> sean: you hang out with the d.c. insiders, charles. >> it's a real problem. all the cocktail parties. it's exhausting. downing all the -- >> sean: i haven't been to one washington correspondents dinner. go ahead. >> but look, i think is it possible. you will get some kind of action. although you got the administration that says we'll hunt them down. and this morning in the "new york times," they're sitting in an open coffee shop in benghazi with a guy who presumably was leading the
6:20 pm
attack. completely unafraid and in the open. it's a hell of a hunting them down that is going on now. it's possible that something like that will happen. but i think what is really going happen, they will try to run out the string on this. they can get past the debate. they'll hope it will fade away. it will all be about the economy. they can just eke it out at the finish line. >> sean: charles krauthammer. good to see you. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> sean: news on "hannity." bill clinton offers another reason why mitt romney needs to be elected. he already told us the governor clearly has the experience threshold and he met that for the oval office. we have the latest verbal slip up next. karl rove is here with the ever-changing electoral map. it's starting to look a lot more red. we also have the latest poll from around the country. is the race beginning to slip away from president obama? we have the details coming up straight ahead. i was in the ambulance and i was told to call my next of kin. at 33 years old, i was having a heart attack.
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♪ >> sean: governor mitt romney receiveed another boost from an unlikely source. president bill clinton. a few weeks ago, the former commander in chief caused a stir with folks in the obama camp, when he said he believed romney was qualified to be the president of the united states. yesterday, he did it again when he said this. >> governor romney's argument
6:25 pm
is we're not fixed. so far, so put me in. it's true, we're not fixed. >> sean: now the rnc is using clinton's own words against obama. watch this. >> governor romney's words is it's not fixed. >> if i was in the issue, i'd make the same argument. >> it's true, we're not fixed. >> not where we want to be. >> too many of your friends and family are out there looking for work. >> we're not where we want to be. >> housing market is not weak. are we satisfied? >> of course not. >> they shouldn't feel satisfied. a lot of people in trouble. >> are we where we want to be today? no. >> here is the thing. >> it's not good enough. >> it's not good enough. >> certainly not enough. we know it's not good enough. >> it will take more than two years, it is going to take more than one term. it probably takes more than
6:26 pm
one president. if i don't have this done in three years, then there this will be a one-term propositio proposition. >> sean: join me now to try to defend the president's failed policy. former chairman of the counsel of economic advisors, professor at university of chicago, austan goolsbee with us. turn it around in three years, it will be a one-term proposition. he also said this about cutting -- made a promise in 2008. >> i'm promising to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office. >> he said george bush, $4 trillion in eight years was irresponsible and unpatriotic borrowing in the name of our kids from china on a credit card. failed to fulfill a promise. can you acknowledge that? >> let's start with the first one about whether we turned it around. and it's going a different
6:27 pm
direction. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month, getting bigger and bigger every month. until the president came in and it started smaller, loss, smaller loss now. we have had two-and-a-half three years of private sector job growth. how can you say that is not a turn-around? >> we are on track this year. we are on track for smaller growth than last year. 2010 was year of recovery summer. joe biden said 500,000 new jobs a month. none of the promises were fulfilled. on top of it, not only did it not cut the deficit in half, 6 trillion in debt, one in six in poverty. 17 million more americans on food stamps. 49 million americans in total. and half the kids can't get a job when they get out of school. is that success? >> i hear you. i think it's true. i think it's odd that the rnc would take what has been the
6:28 pm
public statement of the administration that we know we're not all the way there yet. when you keep repeating that look, the conditions are not all the way back to where they were. >> not all the way back. we're going backwards. >> improvement, john. substantial improvement. >> dating back to the middle of the reception. >> if the labor participation rate were the same as when the guy took office, unemployment would be 11%. if you count the people we don't count anymore it's 14.7%. >> as you know, the labor participation rate of men in this country has fallen in each of the last seven presidents. because that is what happens. >> sean: austin, you are too smart a guy. you're wrong. you're a big redistribution guy and you can't define this -- you really believe --
6:29 pm
>> i didn't define it as success. i said we're recovering. different from being fully recovered. >> sean: he said if i can't get it done in three years it's one-term proposition. he didn't get it done. >> he said he had to turn this around. in three years. >> he predicted unemployment would be 5 -- >> that is the point. going up. >> sean: if we passed the stimulus unemployment would be 5.4%. >> no, no. >> sean: wait a minute. when he became president, that was -- >> that was a prediction. >> sean: he'd cut the deficit in half in his first term. we have $6 trillion in new obama debt. that's not what we were sold. that is not hope and change. robbing our kids' futures and he hasn't been asked about it. >> he has been asked about it all the time. >> never. >> i have been asked about it by you many times. >> sean: i have a question. you can't duck the question. >> i always give you an
6:30 pm
answer. >> sean: give me obama's specific plan for the next four years. i say he doesn't have one. give me the specifics. >> i can give you lots of specifics. >> give me some. >> if you want me to give you specific overview, i would say it's do the grand bargain. on what he pro posed last year with the debt eceiling. >> that is not specific. >> $2.5 trillion of saving. >> sean: he couldn't pass it then. how can he pass it now? >> we have to see what happens in the election before we determine if it would pass. >> sean: i give him a failure on economy and broken promises. what do you give him? >> i would say on the economic conditions how is it doing?
6:31 pm
>> we have come back from what was the deepest of our lif lifetime. on policy, he deserves a passing and improving grade. >> sean: "i" and a "c." we deserve better. but it's good to see you. you are going to owe me a beer and steak at the end of this campaign. >> i'm going to start getting -- it those be a good one. not a hanger steak. you are buying it for me when the president wins. >> sean: don't count your chickens, or else they may come home to roost. somebody famous in chicago said. that i've got to go. thank you, austin. coming up, where does the electoral map stand with 18 days to go. from the looks of it, romney started to pull away. karl rove is here with the most up to date map. incredible poll numbers are out including critical swing states. as the race slips away, obama and hollywood, well, they are
6:32 pm
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>> sean: newly released polls show governor romney is dominating in crucial swing states. start with latest fox news poll if florida. romney leading in the sunshine state. the latest rasmussen poll in virginia, a similar trend. romney leading 50-47. governor is ahead by six points in the state. 52-46. this is a massive decline for president who was once ahead by seven points in the state. in the daily gallup tracking poll, romney is leading there by six points. joining me to explain the new
6:37 pm
numbers and how it impacts the electoral map, architect karl rove. >> the candidate who has the lead of 50% or more in the middle of october in the gallup likely poll always won the general election. we have had three days in a row in which governor romney has been at 50, 51 in the gallup likely voter tracking. romney never got to 50 in gasolineup will likely voter track. >> sean: it all comes down to states. do you believe romney up by four in pennsylvania? michigan that close? minnesota that close? >> i believe the three states are close. we have several polls in pennsylvania. if you average them out, it's
6:38 pm
a small and modest lead by president obama. monday, pennsylvania could move from lean obama to tossup category. monday, joe trippi and i with bret baier go over the map. including all the latest polls that come out in the weekend. you are showing the map of october 15. there has already been one change this week. missouri has gone from lean romney to romney. north carolina is now, this week is now lean romney after having been tossup. you're right. the movement this week has been it will be interesting to see how it is on monday. it bet you a dime to a dollar we have at least one more state that moves to the lean romney category. and we have a close election here. it has moved to romney in a dramatic fashion. how dramatic is hard to look at without context. can i give you a little bit of context? >> sean: sure. >> this is a complicated white board. this is the real clear
6:39 pm
politics average as of this date in 2008. comparing it to today. in colorado, four years ago, obama -- >> yeah, obama is leading by six in real clear politics. today, romney is leading by two. 5.8 shift. two state small shifts, nevada and ohio. we have shifts in iowa, the president has declined 9.4 points from this date from the lead in 2008. average in the battleground state, decline of 6.3%. he carried every one of the states so if he is having to decline 6.3, she losing majority of the state. depending on what happens in ohio and couple of the other ancillary state he is could well lose the election just on this recent move. by itself. amazing.
6:40 pm
think about it this way. he won by 53 points. 53-45. what -- >> 47. >> no, because we had minor party candidates. call it 46. 45 and change. if he drops down six he is now at 47. romney is not going to run where mccain did. he is above him. 48, 49, 50. >> sean: what do you make? the greatest fear i hear from people 18 days out, they fear the campaign has been the dirtiest, the sleaziest, the nastiest campaign. even accusing governor romney of murder and wanting dirty air and water and killing grandma. what do you expect, people worried about october surprise. >> there will be an october surprise. >> sean: what are they capable of? >> chicago guys are tough. they will do something. >> something dirty. >> we don't know what it will be. could be. it sunt working. it put this in my column this week. this week, obama campaign
6:41 pm
pulled down the negative advertising and come up with the gauzezy ads that look like ronald reagan, wannabe. that is a sign they know that their effort to drive up governor romney's negatives has instead driven up their own. they are grasping now for what will happen. let's watch closely what happens next week. that is when we will see or hear their new strategy. >> sean: all right. looking at the benghazi coverup blowing up in their face. daily. there are new developments bring the hour. we'll continue to monitor them next week. karl, hopefully see you in boca on monday. are you showing up? >> no. i'm unfortunately, i'm in -- at duke university on monday. supposed to be debating robert gibbs. now debating howard dean. >> sean: rah! melts down, not my fault. all right. thank you. >> exactly. >> sean: all right. karl rove, thank you for being with us. the wheels are coming off in hollywood for the obama bus. eva longoria retweets a very vicious message about mitt romney. then starts blaming twitter. we'll tell you what she wrote.
6:42 pm
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at >> sean: and as desperation sets in on the left, hollywood liberals banning together in defense of their embattled candidate. from eva longoria's nasty tweet about romney to j-z friendship with the aminutes toed one, whoopi goldberg's attempt to catch ann romney off-guard about her faith. entertainment world is worried the plug is about to be pulled on the unfettered access to white house, party and fun. camera holder and author of "politics" vincent is with us. look at eva longoria's text. she has always been a great actress. i don't care that she is a liberal. i no v no idea why woman or minority would vote for romney, racist, misogynist --
6:47 pm
[bleep] >> i look at the celebrity endorsement and these things. i think the president and party looks at the people like they are atm machine. the people, they think people listen to them. guy in a factory, trying to pay tuition and pay his taxes he is going to listen to a guy, they all live in houses and fly around in private planes and will tell a factory worker what is good for them. >> houses like xanadu? there is a big endorsement. combs, my partner and friend, he said that she should resign as the cochair of the obama re-election campaign. one big endorsement, lee iakoka, life long democrat comes out for romney. what do you think, tamara? >> a lot of people coming out for romney who are previously
6:48 pm
for obama. matt damon, ben affleck, barbra streisand, they gave money to obama in 2008. they haven't given them a penny. >> sean: what do you think of what eva longoria said? >> i was looking at the political contributions -- >> i love the jets. apparently according to the paper she is dating mark sanchez. >> i'm jealous. but here is the thing. let's talk about the muffin. at thmoney.we have 250 people in entertainment who have given a total of $5.5 million to obama. then let's talk about sheldon adel zorn. mr. perry in texas. >> sean: you're missing the point of the discussion. the point of celebrities -- >> given $5 million, two of them. >> sean: you are missing the point. they are becoming unhinged because they see how well romney is doingism thought lee iakoka was massive today. life-long democrat, good
6:49 pm
businessman, smart guy. great author, too. >> that is a big, big endorsement. in the business community and he is aa well-respected guy. cross generations, he has written books. he is really well liked. he is a democrat. >> it's disappointing that you don't find people in who are in entertainment respectable people. >> i think all the celebrity endorsements, what do they mean? >> they mean in my opinion really nothing. what they can do, when springstein goes to ohio with clinton they have voting machines outside the place. that is what they are there for. they can energize the base. not going to change a person's mind. >> sean: tamara who are you voting for? >> based on what you are talking about, i'm disappointed in you. >> sean: give me a name.
6:50 pm
>> your party opens up with clint eastwood and you say people in entertainment don't mean anything? c'mon. you're not complaining about nicky menage. >> sean: no one knows. sarah palin and her familiarously here next. her brother an father open up about sarah palin. what's truly amazing about mercedes new mbrace2 system... is i can follow all my sports... catch the latest breaking news... keep in touch with friends... follow the financial headlines... find a great restaurant... and with siriusxm i can get weather forecasts...
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>> sean: former alaska governor sarah palin was relatively unknown in the political arena until she burst on the national scene in 2008. as john mccain's running mate. since then, she has become one of the most talked about political figures of our time. i recently sat down with two people who have been by the governor's side from the very beginning. they are the authors of the brand new book "our sarah, made in alaska." chuck senior andr. sarah palin's father and brother. good to see you. doing all right? she wrote her book and talked about she went hunting with you for moose before school. you take eyeballs and you hand them to her. i handed them to her. in her book she said she didn't take them. but i saw her take them. >> sean: a running dispute with the books now. media will go nuts. big controversy. >> you will go wash your hands now, aren't you? >> sean: no. listen, i have never been moose hunting but i can handle
6:55 pm
it. i think i could do it. how do both of you deal with all of it? the smears, the attacks, the names, constant. it never stops? >> it really never does. we have been listening to this for the last four years. got the v.p. nod, things were cruising along nicely. she had an 87% or so approval rating. highest in the nation. popular on both sides of the aisle. got the v.p. nod. was attacked viciously. there are times when literally i'm not kidding, i have had to hold him back from going after some of the people with the profanity and hanging on lies and doing their best to destroy her. it's tough. >> sean: as a dad, that
6:56 pm
would hurt. >> yeah. especially dirty things like what letterman said an things like that. bill maher. fortunately, i'm getting a little callous. what's next? >> sean: so in other words, that's one of the things i was thinking as i got to know your daughter and your sister, that i admire the most about her. she comes back fighting with a smile and drives them nuts. people who love her love her and people who don't like her like her and she doesn't care. >> she is tough. >> sean: probably holding the eyeballs. why is there a heap of resentment toward her? fixization to attack her? i have my own theory. what do you think it is? >> i think for one of the big reasons is she represents
6:57 pm
everything the feminist movement was about. here she is raising five kids, extremely successful, active, running every day. doing all the things that you think feminists would be behind but because of a few issues like her pro-life stance. they can embrace that. they can't look past that. easier to destroy her and take her down. >> sean: you have a working mom. highly successful able to balance home life. she is pro life. and one other thing, christian. good looking and successful. all the attributes and it is a threat to the establishment and threat to liberals. why? >> they are afraid of her. they are definitely afraid of her. i think chuck covered why. variety of reasons. >> sean: what was she like growing up? she will kill me for asking
6:58 pm
that. what was she similar? was she quiet. intrauniversity, extravert? >> totally competitive in anything she undertook, school work, sports, if she lacked a certain skill, she worked and worked and worked. commercial fishing. she pushed me. even hunting, i get lazy once in a while. something is two or three miles away. she said let's go get it. she is totally competitive. todd came on the scene. all the girls ogle over him. sarah jumped in there. >> sean: you never fought as kids? you always got along? >> you try living with three sisters in a one bedroom -- >> sean: i had three older sisters. one bathroom. one. >> i went through the same thing. >> sean: ah, returning out to the backyard in the bushing for crying out loud. it was horrible. putting my makeup on!
6:59 pm
oh, good grief. four hours. well, guys the book is amazin amazing. great stories about governor palin. i know a lot of people get a lot out of it. >> sean: that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. back monday, only 15 days monday till election day. bret baier in for greta. see you monday night. >> bret: the death of an ambassador as arab spring threatens to turn to autumn of discontent. >> we have seen rage and violence over awful internet video. >> did the administration have any heads up? >> matter under investigation. >> they panicked. >> can you speak with us briefly about the attack in benghazi? >> we are in a stronger position today. than we were four years ago. >> did the obama administration have problem calling the threat by its


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